Article VI- Idemnification of Directors and Officers

Each Director and officer of the Foundation shall be indemnified by the Foundation against expenses (excluding, however, any amount paid in settlement) reasonably incurred by him in connection with any action, suit or proceeding to which he may be made a party by reason of his having been a Director or officer of the Foundation (whether or not he continues to be a Director or officer at the time of incurring such expenses), except in relation to matters as to which he shall be adjudged in such action, suit or proceeding, or by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, to have been derelict in the performance of his duty as such Director or officer.  The foregoing right of indemnification shall not be exclusive to other rights to which he may be entitled as a matter of law, and shall be in addition to such compensation for services rendered and reimbursement for expenses incurred (including any amount paid in settlement of any action), as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.