University of Illinois



at Urbana-Champaign



Stephen Peterson, Director of Bands

Linda Moorhouse, Associate Director of Bands

Elizabeth Peterson, Associate Director of Bands

Barry Houser, Director of Athletic Bands

Associate Director of Bands

Anthony M. Messina, Assistant Director

                                      of Athletic Bands

The University of Illinois School of Music

The University of Illinois Bands

The Marching Illini


Degrees Offered: M.M. and D.M.A. in Band Conducting

Ensembles: Wind Symphony, Wind Orchestra, Harding Symphonic Band, Hindsley Symphonic Band, University Band, Campus Band, British Brass Band, Marching Illini, Basketball Bands, Volley Ball Band, Orange & Blues Band, Summer Band


Emeritus Faculty

Albert Austin Harding

Dr. Mark Hindsley

Dr. Harry Begian

Gary E. Smith

James F. Keene